CAVE production

Conductor Halldis Rønning conducting Hilmar Thórdarson´s “Kuuki no Sukima” (Between the Air) wearing the ConGlove of the ConDiS conducting digital system developed by Mr. Thórdarson.

CAVE production is a site product of composer Hilmar Thordarson that focuses on promoting, publishing and scheduling music and multimedia performances where new art and technology plays a major part.

Mr. Thórdarson received a fellowship in the Norwegian Artistic Research Program (2014-19) allowing him to focus on developing his project ConDiS – Conducting Digital System. An interactive system that enables the conductor to shape the musical expression of the electronic part of through-composed music. Wearing a custom-made conducting glove “Con Glove,” the conductor can conduct and control the overall balance, volume, tempo, and synchronization of electronic sounds as well as the performing instruments all written in a musical score.

CAVE production is constantly looking for innovative ideas and their implementation in the form of concerts, installations or multimedia. Therefore, feel free to send comments with information and suggestions for interesting events. We will do our best to post them on this site.