Selected Compositions

Kuuki no Sukima
(2017)     21´30”

Kuuki no Sukima – Between the air/The gap in the air
The title can be transcribed literally as “the gap of the air” or even ”in between the air” both very suitable for the composer’s vision of creating a sonic landscape of sounds that are somewhere there, in-between or in the gap of being a sound or a pitched note. If sonority is a vibration of traveling air pressure, could there be a gap?
Could there be a sonic world somewhere there in-between the air?

1st. movement

Niður – Murmur – せせらぎ  Duration c.a. 9 ́00 ́ ́
A soft, indistinct sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance. Could also be linked to nature sounds such as a low continuous sound of the wind murmuring through the trees or an atmospheric sound of a river.

2nd. movement

Hviss – Hiss – ビュービュー Duration c.a. 5 ́30 ́ ́
A soft but still loud gust of wind hissing over the rooftops. Could also be a sound of an object passing by with a sharp short hissing sound. According to the English dictionary, it means as a noun: “a sharp sibilant sound” or as a verb: “make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter S”

3rd. movement

Suð – Buzz – ハミング  Duration c.a. 8 ́45 ́ ́
A very soft sound like a buzzing sound from electronic hardware like a refrigerator or from electric light-bulb. English dictionary mention “the buzz of the bees” which is not quite the right explanation since the bee-buzz is in this case too loud and variant. Here the buzzing sound has more a humming sonority.

Hljóðs bið ek
(2014)    42´20”

 For 5 instruments, interactive electronic sounds, and video. Performed by AJO Ensemble at the Raflost Festival in Reykjavik Iceland, Bodø Culture house and Capitol in Stockholm, May 2014.

Recorded live at the Bodø Kulturhus, May 21st. 2014.

Silence I Ask
(2013)    15´00”

For nine instruments and interactive conductor wearing digital conducting glove (ConGlove) for live control of electronic sounds. World premiere by the Trondheim Sinfonietta at the Virtuoso Listener Festival in Trondheim, November 2017. Other performances in Iceland, Faroe Islands and Denmark January-February and Trondheim November 2018.

The following video recording is from the “Bridging the Gap concert in Trondheim. Voices; The Choir of Kjartan, Conductor; Hilmar Thórdarson wearing the conducting glove, ConGlove, of the conducting digital system, ConDiS.

Lupus Chorea
(2006-12) 19´10”
For voices and electronics. Performed by the Choir of Kjartan in Rockheim 2013. 
Revised 2018 and performed at Rockheim with an interactive conductor using ConDiS – Conducting Digital System for live control of the electronic sounds.
For Symphony Orchestra. Premier performance by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the Dark Music Days Festival in Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik January 2015.

Recorded live at Eldborg in Harpa, Januar 31st. 2015

Arctic Circles
(2013)     21´00”
Concert for Percussion and Orchestra. Premier performance by Bodø Sinfonietta and percussionist Jennifer Torrance at the Ilios Festival, Harstad, January 2014.
Cycles I
2010    8´10”
Trio for interactive flute, clarinet, cello, and real-time sound processing computer sounds.
Performed by the Finnish Ensemble Defun at the Sláturtíð Festival in Reykjavik, October 2010 and Nordic Music Festival, Helsinki, October 2013.
Stray Bird (Children Opera)
(2009-10) 53´00”
Goblins from the Land of Ice
(1993-95) 90´00”
Chamber Opera with live computer processing sounds.
Performed by Strengjaleikhúsið at the Dark Music Days Festival in Reykjavik, January 2010.
Interactive multimedia work for the Japan/American Harupin Ha Butoh Dance Theatre. Live interactive sound and video.  Performed in various theatres among them Theatre Artaud in San Francisco, Theatre Merlan in Marseille and Theatre Chateaubrion in Toulon, France.