Klang og Etterklang (sound and echo)

Established in Bodø 2012, CAVE production arranged “Klang og Etterklang” (sound and echo) a series of concert and lectures devoted to new music and technology.
All events took place at then, newly opened Mediagården a center for art and innovation.

Jennifer Torrence performing “Bronze” at the “Klang og Etterklang” concert in Mediagården, Bodø, Norway 2013
The DigiDi application (2013) ready for Kulturrådets “Kunst og ny teknologi”.
Poster for the Klang&etterklang konsert in Mediagården, Bodø 2013.
Hljóðs bið ek for AJO ensemble (2014 nordic tour)
Hljóðs bið ek for AJO ensemble showing the x-OSC sensor used.

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